My name is Stephanie and I love design. I grew up in Northern California in my dad’s art gallery, playing Frisbee with the different color matte samples and applying the extra press-type sheets to scraps of paper, creating my own art.

I graduated from California State University, Long Beach and packed a suitcase for what I expected to be a three month internship at, then Chrysler Group LLC., since renamed to Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, in Detroit, Michigan. After my internship I was offered a full-time position on their User Experience Team, where I spent 7 years. It was in The Motor City that I grew an appreciation for cars and a deeper love for design.  

I went from being one of the first five interns to enter the automotive industry after its struggle with bankruptcy, to proudly boasting my designs in Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge, Ram and Fiat vehicles driving on the road today!

I now live in fantastic Austin, Texas! I like to spend my free time outside, soaking up the sun in my veggie garden, taking road trips, and camping with my dog, Petey. I am always creating and I love taking on additional projects. If you are looking for a designer to help you with a project of your own, please contact me!