Atelier Dojo will be the recognized authority and provider of realism training and will be a beacon for the community of realist artists. The founders’ vision is to create a global brand that will inspire a new wave of art, that evangelizes, celebrates, and provides training in the rigors of realism.

I loved working with this group of strong minded and ambitious women! They came to me looking for a designer who could help with brand their visual identity. I created a series of logos, a branding style guide, color palette, typography recommendations, and patterns design.


These logos reflect the strength and seriousness of the Atelier Dojo brand. 

The client wanted a global brand logo and individual city studio logos. I designed a stand alone text logo as the global mark as well as square and round studio logos. 


This is the official Atelier Dojo pattern. I reference traditional Japanese hand carved stamps when designing these. They work as individual graphics, or as a set. They could be applied to Atelier Dojo merchandice, course catalogs and even within the building design. 

Official Atelier Dojo Pattern


Proposal for building signage

Proposal for building interior signage

Student aprons - following traditional martial arts uniform - starting as a white belt and progressing all the way to a black belt when you are considered a master