Penny Loafer PR is an Entertainment marketing company which promotes artists in Australia and the USA. Their purpose is to assist bands who may not necessarily have the luxury of label or agent support. Specifically focusing on Independent and unsigned bands & artists who otherwise wouldn't have the opportunities to gain international exposure. As a visual artist, this is a mission I strongly support!

I worked with Penny Loafer PR to develop the concept and final execution of the poster design for their annual music festival, Pennyfest. I created digital and printed collateral for the event, as well as merchandise design, which was sold on the day of the festival. 

Pennyfest 2017 Poster Design

Instagram Event Release Image

Instagram Event Release Image

Live silk screening of the shirts was done during the festival and stickers and koozies were handed out for free!

25% of all profits from the merchandise sold when to American Red Cross Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts.