Ram is known for its ruggedness, but the details are what truly make the brand stand apart. The gauge designs I created are robust and take cues from heavy machinery while still maintaining the high-tech feel.

Inspirational image board for Ram's handcrafted hard working design approach.

The Ram Brand has a wide range of consumers - from the daily driver for a heavy-duty construction worker, to the weekend toy-hauler, to the luxurious ranch ride. Creating a set of digital graphics that could be used for many different trim levels and cater to all these different drivers is my biggest challenge. I accomplish this by keeping the visuals clean and simple. A bold, sans serif typeface and neutral colors ensure legibility while complimentary display fonts portray the vehicles personality. 

2012 Ram gauge design

2012 Ram gauge design

2012 Ram Longhorn gauge design

2013 Ram Limited interior 

2013 Ram Limited gauges